Our Produce

In 2012, we were happy to offer 27 different varieties of tomatoes (most were heirloom). For the summer of 2013 we are pleased to announce that we are hoping to provide our customers with over 50 varieties of gorgeous tomatoes. Well, it’s now 2016 and we are looking at over 80 types of tomatoes this coming season.  Yeah, that IS nuts.  But, just sit back and enjoy the chaos that you don’t have to witness.  Tasty treats are headed your way.  

I am excited for the return of the Mr. Stripy (it’s red and green with stripes, I have no IDEA how it got its name (HA!), but I sure do love its flavor.) Also, we have The Steakhouse, it is a tomato so large and beefy it can cover the length of any steak for a truly proper steak sandwich.  Color me impressed! We have so many more in the Artisinal collection (these are the smaller-cherry type that just end up in one’s mouth evoking a summertime smile!) this season, cannot wait!

Oh, and we have expanded the Oxheart section, too.  I figured you guys may become lovers of the odd looking, great tasting tomatoes — so, here we go! Also expect so many more green (that are ripe off-the-vine tomatoes) this year.  You guys know beauty is skin deep, but with tomatoes . . . I wonder if that holds true!?

We are proud to announce that we will also have (fingers crossed) 22 different bell-type peppers, 14 varieties of eggplant, 16 different cucumbers, and 8 different hot peppers. And this is just what we have started from seed in the greenhouse so far. Don’t fret, the zucchini you have grown to LOVE will be back….the TROMBONCINO (that’s the snake-like looking one that has the texture of an artichoke) and of course all of the imported Italian seeds will make there presence known again.  Grocery store zucchini — whatever!

. . . Then there is the CORN.  The Lunar White that seems to make some unknowingly drool upon first sight.  The Honey & Pearl, how could we miss that? And that sweet, golden yellow corn . . . oh, get the butter melting! Oh, and melons, melons, melons . . . we aren’t a grocery store (obviously).  So we get the pleasure of trying new things that don’t have to store or shelve.  So, we get to bring you the most fun and unusual!  Get ready for another season of aromatic sweet treats!  We have things you have never seen, but we will let you try before you take home and make certain it is what you are after. There are many more exciting things soon to be planted.  Check back here to see what other produce we will be offering this season.