Welcome to Jardin del Rio!

veggiesJardin del Rio Farmer’s Market in South Nevada County offers tree-ripened fruit and vegetables too delicate for processes of traditional grocers. Our produce is grown on Rincon Way in Nevada County. Jardin del Rio (Garden of the River) original location is only about 4 miles from Lake of the Pines.  Time moves along and our customers’ needs have shown we needed a second location.

Our Two Locations

You can find us 4 days a week starting the summer season, 2016.  Our original location is still our most endeared. The folks of Sierra Knolls Wine Tasting continue to allow us back each season as they appreciate the synergy of pairing  local produce and local wine (plus one of the owners really likes fresh tomatoes!).  Saturday and Sunday (10AM-3PM) you can find us there at 10024 Linnet Lane, Auburn (right off 49) and you can grab a little bit of vino while you are at it! Additionally, we have expanded at are at 10556 Combie Drive, Auburn (Combie Plaza but the deli/liquor store) on Tuesday and Thursday 3PM-6PM, find us in the shade, under the trees. We are a CA State Certified Farmer’s Market now, so look forward to other vendors as they drop in!

Jardin cropsOur Produce

Our featured produce includes lemon cucumbers (and about 12 other varieties of the crispest gems), hollow stuffing tomatoes (and several other varieties . . . 74 tomato types if you will), eggplant that will make you actually want to try eggplant, beans that are really a “yard long”, beets so scrumptious that the stains on your hands won’t even bother you, onions so sweet that make onion rings justifiable to ANY diet plan, peas so perfectly sugary that they snap with delight, peppers with walls so thick and full of flavor and moisture that they store for much longer than anything from the store (not that our beauties would last that long before being gobbled up),  exotic melons (and the standards, too), Honey & Pearl/Lunar White/Golden Yellow corn that tastes as great as it sounds, exotic Italian zucchini that has the texture of artichoke hearts along with others that you won’t ever see elsewhere because they are just too delicate, and other various types of marvelous produce.

Other Products

We offer wildflower honey that happy honey bees create right amongst our crops and flowers.  It’s exceptionally special as it is raw, unfiltered honey harvested on-site. 

Since we are adjacent to Sierra Knolls Tasting Rooms (2 miles south of Combie Road near Lake of the Pines), on the weekend, offer a special social gathering place where clients may enjoy wine tasting and shopping. Our atmosphere encourages a sense of community where agrarian and urban communities can come together in South Nevada County. The second location of our Farmer’s Market at Combie Plaza makes it so accessible for our Lake of the Pines folks.  We added the additional week day markets for those folks that just couldn’t make it to us on the weekend.  We have noticed that our guests really like having the option of visiting us during the week.  They like it so much, we frequently sell out well before closing time!

Come check out Jardin del Rio Farmer’s Market at TWO locations in South Nevada County! thumbs up for Jardin del Rio!